Apr 29, 201915m
41: Releasing Judgment Meditation
Apr 2915m
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This episode is about releasing judgment of self and others. Without judgment we can begin to see the amazing true nature of everyone around us in our uniqueness and let go of the comparison to perfection that steals our joy and keeps us trapped in self beat up and self destructive patterns. Releasing judgment means finding peace with yourself, finding acceptance, and finding freedom. In this short guided meditation you will be connecting deeply with yourself from a new perspective so that you can begin to see yourself with a new level of compassion.  Stick around to the end of this episode to hear how to register for my upcoming LIVE event - **Be The Permission** - in Columbus Ohio USA happening May eleventh. To register go to [JenniferDavoust.com](https://www.jenniferdavoust.com/) and click on the Be The Permission workshop banner!

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