Aug 26, 20181h 4m | se6 : e5
S6E5: La Noche
Aug 26 '181h 4m | se6e5
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For the first time, we hear the first hand accounts of the night that Jaime Melgar's body was found by his family.  Bob interviews Jaime's brother, Herman, and his sister-in-law, Maria.   Neither Herman or Maria speak English, so their daughter, Marissa, translates the interview. You'll hear this interviews just as Bob heard them on 8/18/18, in the Melgar's living room. The evidence revealed will shock you. Today's Sponsors: - and use code "truth" to get 40% off of your first order - and use code "justice" for 25% off of your first order #TheMelgars #JusticeForJaime #truecrime #truecrimepodcast #truthandjustice #truthandjusticearmy #FreeSandy

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