Episode 7: The Keepers: Part 2 (Episodes 4 - 8)

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Jun 20, 201759m
Episode 7: The Keepers: Part 2 (Episodes 4 - 8)
Jun 20 '1759m
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Who killed Sister Cathy Ceznick in Baltimore, MD in November of 1969? Two former students--our heroes Gemma and Abbie--launch a dogged investigation into the decades-old cold case. The horrors they uncover include stories of sexual abuse by Priests, a possible cover up by the Catholic Church, and a potentially corrupt city government.  In pursuit of the truth, we meet crooked cops, gay uncles, pregnant drag queens (you heard me), a detective named "deep throat," and a whole bunch of bad-ass ladies who are getting to the bottom this thing, no matter what.  This is part two of two.  Yellow Tail Chardonnay is the EXCLUSIVE sponsor of this episode. 

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