Edmund Kemper /// Part 2 /// 262 

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Dec 5, 201852m
Edmund Kemper /// Part 2 /// 262 
Dec 5 '1852m
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Edmund Kemper /// Part 2 /// 262 
Part 2 of 2
Edmund Kemper was raised by a mother that very likely hated him, even as a small boy. Ed liked to play death ritual games with his sister. He grew to be a very large man and extremely intelligent. Ed was about 6 foot 9 inches tall and his I.Q. was near genius level. As an adult he was convicted of the mutilation slayings of eight women. Was this monster born evil or was he made evil? This week we take a strong look at Edmund Kemper - The Co-Ed Killer 
Beer of the Week - You’re a Good Man Charlie - Brown Ale by Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing 
Garage Grade - 3 and 3/4 bottle caps out of 5 
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