Oct 9, 20171h 11m
Ep48 - Austin Sigg
Oct 9 '171h 11m
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On October 5th, 2012, 10 year old Jessica Ridgeway left her home to walk to school. She said goodbye to her mother, walked out of the door, but she never made it to school and she would not return home that day. The community would rally in support of Jessica and they, along with police, would do everything they could to find her.

What no one could know at the time was that there was a 17 year old boy by the name of Austin Sigg that was harboring a frightening secret. And as the police closed in on finding out what happened to Jessica, Austin would tell his mother what he had done.

Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss the details of this tragic case. What happened to little Jessica that day would be beyond belief and the stuff of nightmares. Austin Sigg would tell everything and the details would all come directly from him. But what would make a 17 year old boy commit the ultimate sin?

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