Ep101 - Ed Kemper Part 2

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Oct 22, 20181h 21m
Ep101 - Ed Kemper Part 2
Oct 22 '181h 21m
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Ed Kemper is a serial killer who murdered 10 people. His victims included his grandparents and mother. Kemper is a huge man at 6'9" and almost 300 pounds. After being incarcerated, Kemper talked to the FBI about the reasons for committing his murders. This information greatly propelled the FBI profiling unit. The sessions played a large role in the first season of the hit Netflix series Mindhunter.

Join Mike and Gibby as they continue the discussion on Ed Kemper. In this episode we dive into his co-ed murders that were fueled by the rage he felt for his mother and the eventual murder of his mother who he felt was the cause of all of his actions.

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