The Murder of Corryn Rayney

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Feb 24, 201947m | se1 : e2
The Murder of Corryn Rayney
Feb 2447m | se1e2
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44 year old Corryn Rayney left the Community Centre located in Bentley, Western Australia, around 9.30 pm on Tuesday 7 August 2007, and was expected home by her husband and two daughters later that evening. She never showed. Just over a week later, police located Ms Rayney's abandoned vehicle on Kershaw Street, Subiaco. A suspicious oil trail from the car led them to nearby Kings Park, where her body was discovered.

The ensuing police investigation narrowed over time to focus on Lloyd Rayney, Corryn Rayney’s husband, a prominent Perth barrister specialising in criminal prosecution. Senior Sergeant Jack Lee referred to Mr Rayney, controversially, as the ‘prime and only suspect’ in his wife’s death.

The story between then and now twisted and turned, with numerous legal proceedings, including a defamation suit lodged by Lloyd Rayney against the State of Western Australia, until 2012, when a trial by Judge only - no jury - resulted in Lloyd Rayney’s acquittal.

So, did Lloyd Rayney kill his wife? If not, who did?

Join Shaun and Chloe as they discuss the many intriguing rabbit holes this case presents, including the Rayney's marriage, the police investigation, alternate persons of interest, and the impact Corryn's death has had on her family.

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