The Abduction of Wendy Pfeiffer

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Mar 24, 201941m | se1 : e6
The Abduction of Wendy Pfeiffer
Mar 2441m | se1e6
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On Sunday the 23rd of October 1966, eight-year-old Wendy Jane Pfeiffer was abducted about 500 metres from her family’s dairy farm in Mylor, South Australia.

In the wake of the infamous Beaumont Children Disappearance from Glenelg Beach in South Australia only 10 months earlier, response to Wendy's disappearance was rapid, and a full scale search was launched by police, firefighters, emergency services, and community volunteers.

When searchers returned with no results, police called in Aboriginal trackers Jimmy James and Daniel Moodoo to follow the trail others couldn't see...

Join Shaun and Chloe as they explore the details of this twisting, turning, extraordinary story.

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