GW4 - "Get Kane Out!”

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Aug 29, 201939m
GW4 - "Get Kane Out!”
Aug 29 '1939m
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FPL obsessed actor Luke Jerdy and talkSPORT commentator Rich Wolfenden discuss their final teams before the start of GW4. - Luke is sticking with a double Liverpool defence for the time being, and thinks that the clean sheets are on their way - Rich isn't convinced that the Pukki Party is going to continue - Background Ben thinks that Kane is a waste of time and that Moura will be Tottenham's top scorer this season We love being a part of the FPL community - please follow us on Twitter and Instagram - @triplecaptain3 If you've got a question, send it in to the Twitter or email us your voice note and be on the podcast - Overall Ranks going in to GW4: Luke OR: 117,765 Rich OR: 422,737 Background Ben OR: 560

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