Top of Mind at Goldman Sachs

Top of Mind at Goldman Sachs

Published by: Goldman Sachs
8 Episodes | First Released: Apr 29 '19
In each episode of “Top of Mind at Goldman Sachs,” Allison Nathan, a senior strategist in the firm’s Global Investment Research division and the creator and editor of the GS “Top of Mind” publication, explores macroeconomic issues that are on the minds of Goldman Sachs clients.
Dec 5 '19
Rating:   10
Great podcast from smart people

Feeds my craving for a deeper understanding of current events helping me form better opinions. Background noise is nice in contrast to other reviewers.

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Nov 21 '19
Rating:   8
Remove background music

Agree with others. Background music is very distracting

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Sep 19 '19
Rating:   6
Remove background music when people are talking

Its distracting and unnecessary

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