Episode 75 – White Glove Workshops: Seminar Marketing

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May 28, 201826m
Episode 75 – White Glove Workshops: Seminar Marketing
May 28 '1826m
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Today, Matt Halloran is joined by Mike Thurman to discuss White Glove Workshops and how they can transform you into a seminar master. As many in the financial industry know, seminars are a crucial way for you to share your voice and grow your prospects. But for some, speaking in front of crowds of people is difficult to do. Mike Thurman has completed thousands of seminars helping everyone from medical to financial, and creates impactful leadership thinkers to make sure you are getting the best out of your seminar. If you're struggling to drive in leads when you host a seminar, tune in today to find out how you can use White Glove to achieve your prospecting dreams. LINKS: MIKE THURMAN |  WHITE GLOVE WORKSHOPS

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