Ep 123 – Power of the Purse with Lynn Evans

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Nov 16, 201830m
Ep 123 – Power of the Purse with Lynn Evans
Nov 16 '1830m
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Have you ever thought you had such a great idea—someone might just pay you to read it? Often times advisors reach a point in their development where they're told to put pen to paper and draft the next best financial read. But how many of us consider what a great opportunity a book can be for marketing? Joining Matt today is fellow podcaster, author, CFP®, and speaker Lynn S. Evans to discuss how she developed, marketed, and wrote her book, Power of the Purse. Lynn is a national leader in the financial planning industry. Lynn has a profound understanding of the deep relationships that revolve around women and money. Through the work of her book, podcast, radio show, and financial network, Lynn has made it her personal mission to help baby boomer women become financially literate and take back control of their finances. Learn more about Lynn, her book, and marketing in this great episode today! LINKS: Power of the Purse Podcast | Women of Substance | Lynn S Evans LinkedIn | Power of the Purse Book

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