Looking forward to 2018 - Orbit 11.01

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Jan 7, 20181h 33m
Looking forward to 2018 - Orbit 11.01
Jan 7 '181h 33m
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Benjamin, Cariann, Mike and Jared take a look at all of the upcoming missions slated for 2018. If you thought 2017 was a great year for space, just wait until you hear what is planned for this year!  

Soyuz MS-07 Launches 3 crew members to ISS
JAXA H2-A rocket launches GCOM-C and a test Satellite
Falcon 9 Launches Iridium-4 Mission
Long March 2D Launches 2nd identical land imaging satellite  
Long March 2C launches 3 Yaogan Satellites on Christmas
Zenit 3F rocket launches Angola's first satellite  

Space News:
Tabby's Star's Weird Behavior Is Dust, Not Aliens
Arecibo Pings Asteroid Phaethon  

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