Tipsy Session 36 - Sid G (India)

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May 24, 201959m
Tipsy Session 36 - Sid G (India)
May 24 '1959m
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SID G (Siddharth Gaur) - An Electronic Music Maker and Beat Aficionado . A seasoned performer at various event and music festivals . Based out of New Delhi and a resident DJ at a blistering hotspot in Gurugram (Gurgaon), India. He has performed in various parts of the country. Zones around House, Deep House , Tech House, Techno and Progressive pay . Track List: 1. Guy J- MDQ ( original mix) 2. Cid Inc- Shifter ( Original Mix) 3. Artbat - Papillon (fryhide) 4. Saint Sinners - Pushing Too Hard (Guy man tour remix) 5. Khen guy Mantzur feat Kamila -Children with no name (original Mix ) 6. Township Rebellion - Dolores ( Original Mix) 7. Morttagua feat Ghost WARS - Hour Glass(Khaniz Remix) 8. Moonbootika -Sun of RA ( Original Mix) 9. Space Motion - Asia ( Original Mix) 10 Moonwalk- Orbital( original Mix) 11.Oliver Koletzki - Through The darkness 12. Marvin & Guy - The train of fantastic 13.Mwala wei ka enoo napa remix 14.Palcibo- Running up the hills

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