From Flatlining to Becoming a Recovery Coach - Michael Arnold

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Nov 2, 201847m | se1 : e9
From Flatlining to Becoming a Recovery Coach - Michael Arnold
Nov 2 '1847m | se1e9
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- I am a ball of energy and a hurricane of happiness that is here to serve you

- Founder of Michael Arnold Coaching where her slogan is Make Shift Happen.

- Co-author of the soon to be released book "Drowning in Addiction: Sink or Swim"

- Fur mommy to two hilarious little weiner dogs.


- acceptance of my disease (it was never just one drink)

- living fear of judgment

- being an actor putting on a show- so many secrets- so much shame- the show needed to end

- actually loving myself- feeling all the feels

- the GIFTS of sobriety: gratitude everyday, attention to detail, actually LIVING

- community- find your tribe and surround yourself with people that support you

- dealing with my past and making amends and being okay if people didn't accept it

- going to Harmony and having all the staff be in recovery, I honestly don't believe I would've been as successful as I am if I had to talk to a therapist that didn't go through addiction like I did. Harmony's staff new me. They really made me feel okay and that I wasn't a bad person


- my past is my greatest asset

- I do not judge. love and tolerance is my code

- sobriety is and always will be #1- if I don't have my sobriety then I don't have anything

- I have faith- I know the universe has my back. I do good- good shit happens

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