95: The One Thing
Jul 2430m
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What does it take for your business to reach its full potential? It depends on a couple of essential factors. First, you need to define what stage your business is at. This will allow you to determine the important elements you need to focus on.

In this episode, Tim and I discuss  the ‘One Thing’ that can help you achieve the next level of success in your business. We’ll talk about what steps you need to take once you determine the ‘one thing’ for your business.   


  • What is 'The One Thing?' (0:47)
  • What to focus on if you’re earning under $10K a month (6:42)
  • What is the Breakthrough Band? (14:26)
  • The wonders of joint ventures (19:04)
  • Why you should surround yourself with the right people (19:51)
  • How to break through and have the million dollar business (22:16)
  • Letting go to reach more (23:08)

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