The Year That Was

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Dec 28, 201741m
The Year That Was
Dec 28 '1741m
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Michele and Igor are joined by Mike Fuchs, senior fellow with CAP’s National Security team and a former State Department official, and Emily Tisch Sussman, campaign director for CAP and the Center for American Progress Action Fund, to break down 2017. They discuss the year of Trump’s foreign policy, the tweets that riled up North Korea, and the unfolding investigation by Robert Mueller to get to the source of Russian interference in the 2016 election. They also discuss racial tensions and the rise of white supremacy since Trump’s election, including the rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia; the courts blocking the Muslim ban; another fight for the Dream Act; the #MeToo movement; and—through all of it—a persistent resistance against the racism, the inequality, and the unfairness that have no place in our country. Finally, Michele and Igor get personal about how this past year affected each of them personally and what it was like working together on Thinking CAP.

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