ADP: Jerry Clark - The UFO Encyclopedia: Volume 3

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May 15, 20191h 0m
ADP: Jerry Clark - The UFO Encyclopedia: Volume 3
May 151h 0m
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Jerome Clark has studied the UFO phenomenon for decades. He has written a number of books about them including Unnatural Phenomena and Hidden Realms, and Lost Civilizations and Beings from Other Worlds. He edited Fate and the International UFO Reporter. He served on the board of CUFOS for 20 years and like so many other writers, his work has appeared in many magazines including Omni and Wired. Like so many others in the UFO field, he has a wide variety of interests. His reviews of current roots-music recordings are posted regularly at Rambles.Net. He had written songs with Robin and Linda Williams that have been recorded by various artists including Emmylou Harris and Tom T. Hall. He has many interests including politics, history, literature, and cats and craft beer. He lives in Minnesota.

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