We are the silent majority. Fighting from the back of the pack, far from the podium, our goal is simple - to be the very best version of ourselves. We are moms, we are students, we are the guy that nervously edges into the gym for the first time. Let's find our warrior together.
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Jun 25
Rating:   10
A fresh take on fitness podcasts

John states in his first episode an intent to have a forum for the athlete who will never see the podium (my words, not his), who will never get the endorsement deal. The athlete who goes out and battles their demons and strives to improve through consistent effort. And John certainly succeeds at this goal! Plus, he does it in an engaging, kind, and compassionate way. This is the perfect podcast for those who are new to a fitness journey or for those who need to know they aren’t alone. It’s rapidly become one of my favorites.

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