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Jamison Lemons
Apr 27 '1834m
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28-year-old Jamison Lemons disappeared from Savannah, Georgia on May 7th, 2017. After he finished his shift at work, Jamison went to his grandmother’s house for Sunday dinner. He then returned to his home that he shared with his girlfriend, Brittani. That evening, Brittani saw Jamison leave in a truck with a man that she only knew by a nickname. That was the last time that anyone saw Jamison.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Jamison Lemons, please call CrimeStoppers at (912) 234-2020 or Captain Dailey at 912-663-4138. If you would like to contact Jamison’s family directly, please call 912-631-9759. To follow his case on social media, please follow Let’s Find Jamison D Lemons on Facebook. You can also submit information to his family on Facebook.

UPDATE- The results came back from DNA testing that was mentioned in this episode and it determined to match Jamison. Justin Jammison has been arrested and charged with murder and concealing a death.

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