59 - Joe Wins The Lotto TWICE on the podcast!

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Mar 6, 201956m
59 - Joe Wins The Lotto TWICE on the podcast!
Mar 656m
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Joe wins the lotto and Elliott loses it on Steve. Lee's there, too. Thanks to Bespoke Post! To receive 20% off your first subscription box, go to http://boxofawesome.com and enter code VALLEYCAST at checkout. And thanks to Stamps.com! Start your 4-week free trial at http://stamps.com with promo code: VALLEYCAST. Thanks to Squarespace, as well! Start your free trial at http://squarespace.com/valley and get 10% off your first purchase with promo code: VALLEY . Oh! And all our VIP-and-up patrons get the earliest access to this podcast, as well as access to our Patreon-only show, Uncanny Valley, so sign up over at http://patreon.com/thevalleyfolk! See ya soon!

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