May 5, 202031m
537: Robert Pavlis on Garden Soil Myths.
May 531m
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Clearing up illusions about the substances we use to grow our food.

In This Podcast: We've all bought plant-specific fertilizer or used leaves to diagnose what additives we need for our plants. But according to Robert Pavlis, building great soil needs a different approach. After all, how can you know what to add if you don't know what's already there? Listen in for common soil and fertilizer myths, the easy additive that fixes anything over time, your ideal soil ratios, and how to distinguish fact from urban legend. You'll never think the same about fertilizer!

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Robert is a well-known speaker and educator with over 40 years of gardening experience. He is the author of three books,  Building Natural Ponds, Garden Myths, and Soil Science for Gardeners  and publishes the popular gardening blogs;  and As the owner and head gardener of Aspen Grove Gardens, a six-acre botanical garden, he grows 3,000 varieties of plants.

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537: Robert Pavlis on Garden Soil Myths.

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