Episode #43: Looking For God in 12 Years A Slave

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Jan 13, 201445m
Episode #43: Looking For God in 12 Years A Slave
Jan 13 '1445m
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Todd and Ken examine 12 Years a Slave. Is God absent from the world of slavery? Are there contemporary lessons or themes to be drawn from this historical drama? Why is the singing of "Roll Jordan" the most important scene?


0:00 - Intro, quoting scripture to justify what you want.
3:55 - God is merciful and will forgive a merciful act.
9:05 - Roll Jordan Roll
14:29 - Mr. Bass and White Guilt
24:30 - Characters vs. Character Types.
29:05 - Self interest vs. Duty.
34:50 - What it says to and about us today.

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