Episode #13: Faith and Disillusionment in Primary Colors

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Mar 23, 201243m
Episode #13: Faith and Disillusionment in Primary Colors
Mar 23 '1243m
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Ken and Todd discuss Primary Colors, Mike Nichols's adaptation of the fictionalized depiction of an adviser grappling with whether or not he can support a flawed governor who is running for president. Mike Nichols's film gets the bulk of discussion, but there are also comments about HBO's Game Change. SHOW NOTES: 0:30 - Intro, summary, faith, and disillusionment 6:15 - Believing in people vs. seduced by power 10:10 - Moral compromises and ranges of character responses 21:40 - Timeless themes or timely satire? 27:10 - Game Change, good intentions, and believing in what you do 33:35 - Media and the false intimacy of television 40:10 - If we really believe what we say... DON'T FORGET: You can contact us by emailing thethinplace@filmgeekradio.com. Thanks for listening!

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