May 14, 201955m
Biochar with Ron Berezan
May 1455m
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This week we are chatting with Ron Berezan, the original (and humble) Urban Farmer, not the excessively marketed one.   Ron is a permaculture and organic urban agriculture expert with 30 years of experience.   He continues to teach in these discipline areas, but has also ventured out into small scale biochar production.  

Biochar is a soil amendment that can impart a variety of benefits.  We discuss the origins and use of this interesting material in gardens of any sort (including flower gardens).

We highly encourage you to check out Ron's webpage (s) Ron Berezan The Urban Farmer and The Good Earth Biochar  and if you are lucky enough to join any of the classes he teaches, Clara can guarantee that you will come away with mountains of practical how to's and inspiration, Ron is a truly gifted teacher with a deep soul connection to his vocation. 

Our theme music was composed and performed by Heather's son Callum and the challenging job of audio editing was accomplished by the brilliant Laura Eccleston!



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