SFD030: How to Get Press Coverage & Publicity for Your Fashion Line

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Dec 4, 201757m
SFD030: How to Get Press Coverage & Publicity for Your Fashion Line
Dec 4 '1757m
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If you love step by step instructions, you're going to love this SFD episode. Rosie Davies runs The London Fashion Agency and PR Dispatch to help indie brands get the press coverage they deserve. In our interview, she walks us through the exact process brands can use to get featured in publications, on blogs, or with influencers.

From figuring out what magazines to pitch to, what your email should say, and what to do if you don't hear back, she graciously spent an hour with us answering all our PR questions and telling us exactly how startup fashion brands can get publicity.

Considering agency retainers can set you back $3k / month, this is a pretty sweet deal. Thank you Rosie for sharing all your knowledge!

Rosie Davies of PR Dispatch: Successful Fashion Designer Interview with Sew Heidi, How to get Press Coverage & Publicity for your Brand

You Will Learn

  • The number one mistake designers make when trying to get press coverage
  • Why it’s worth investing in professional photography and brand assets before doing PR
  • How to determine what publications are right for your brand
  • Bigger doesn’t always mean better - why small publications can be your best bet
  • How to figure out who to contact at the publication (and where to find their email)
  • What to send in your pitch email (and what the subject line should be)
  • The importance of engaging with influencers before reaching out
  • Why you should think outside “fashion” influencers
  • What to look for in publications to decide if they’re right for you
  • Why you shouldn’t invest in advertorial coverage
  • The surprising details about your brand that publications really care about
  • When you should say no to press coverage
  • The top 3 things publications want to know about your brand or product to feature it
  • How to make sure you pitch the right product at the right time
  • How to stand out and make sure your pitch email gets read and your designs get featured
  • The best time to send your pitch emails
  • When - and how - to send follow up emails if you don’t hear back
  • How to use Instagram to engage with press and influencers
  • When - and why - to mail a physical product sample
  • How to leverage one feature to get more publicity
  • How long to expect to wait before getting press coverage
  • What not to do so you don’t annoy the press or editors

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