UNT 60: Beetlejuice / The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Oct 23, 20181h 40m
UNT 60: Beetlejuice / The Nightmare Before Christmas
Oct 23 '181h 40m
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The Ghost with the Most turned 30 this year, and Jack Skellington looks great at 25. So let's talk about all the weirdo icons that came out of Tim Burton's head, shall we? Your favorite Bat-Dads reunite to reminisce (and in Greig's case, give some first impressions) on the gothic god of gritty, Tim Burton and his seminal films, Beetlejuice and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Our tremendously terrible trio of petrifying, portentous podcasters delve into all things black-and-white-and-stripey, including Burton's humble beginnings with Pee Wee Herman, moving onto his Batman lore, before diving skull-first into two personal film favorites. So whisper our name three times, kidnap Santa and check out the monster-mentous UNT 60. And don't forget, Sally has still got it. Uh oh... Hosted by: ‘The Pumpkin King’ Tim Agne (@timagne) Featuring: ‘The Mayor of Halloween’ Derek Montilla (@Cap_Kaveman) & ‘Australian Alec Baldwin’ Greig Tansley (@GreigT13). Music by Danny Elfman and Harry Belafonte.

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