Solving The Biggest Threat To Your Retirement (with Shawn Britt)

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Aug 12, 201957m
Solving The Biggest Threat To Your Retirement (with Shawn Britt)
Aug 1257m
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While we all love talking financial independence, side hustles, and paying off huge amounts of debt, another topic doesn't get enough attention, mostly because it's difficult. We don't pay nearly enough attention to the biggest threat facing any retirement: long-term care. What happens if you have a catastrophic illness and can't take care of yourself? Nursing homes are expensive, home care is expensive, and asking loved ones to take care of you can be horrible for their health and wellbeing also. Today we'll talk to Shawn Britt from Nationwide Insurance, who as a long time professional in this field, knows the statistics and the horror stories, but also the common sense approaches to many illness-related problems. We'll talk planning, the good/bad/and ugly of long term care policies, but mostly about maintaining flexibility and options as a result of making informed decisions before life makes those decisions for you.

In our headlines segment, the Fed is unrolling a plan to create a faster money transfer system. We'll discuss what could be the end of the three day wait for money transfers between many institutions, and, of course, what that means to you. Plus, in our second piece, a Swedish online payments company has been valued at $5.5 billion - making it Europe's biggest FinTech start-up ever. Also? It's backed by Snoop Dogg! The firm, Klarna, purchases products from companies on behalf of the consumer and bills customers over time. Is this a dream come true or a recipe for disaster? We'll cover the implications, good and bad, during our headlines segment.

We'll finish out the show by throwing out the Haven Life Line to Jason, who has a totally serious question about investing everything he has into a glide path. Currently Jason is 100% investing into the Vanguard total bond fund. Here's the issue: the expense ratio is 0.15%, while the Schwab total bond fund is .014%. It makes sense to move his money over, but that could cause him to incur a $32 tax hit. What's Jason to do in a dilemma like this? Don't worry, we'll give him some advice straight from the heart.

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