Welcome to The Sporting Life Podcast, presented by The Outdoor Group Inc. While there are a number of podcasts to listen to in the hunting and fishing genre, the daily episodes of The Sporting Life Podcast are unique in that listeners are entertained and informed by industry celebrities that have a passion for hunting, fishing and the sporting lifestyle. Every Monday hear U.S. Army Combat Veteran, Veteran Law Enforcement Officer, Shooting Instructor and Co-Host Nate Stokes on the “Great Guns & Ammo” episode. Every Tuesday hear Co-Host and celebrity wild game chef Tiffany Haugen on the “Wild Game Culinary” episode . Tune in every Wednesday to hear Celebrity Bowhunter and Co-Host Joe Thomas on the “Bowhunter” epiosde. Every Thursday is the “Let's Go Fishing” episode with former Professional Angler and Co-Host Leiza Fitzgerald.Fridays tune in for the "Hunting Heritage" episode with Co-Host and the voice of women in the outdoors Judy Rhodes. Every Saturday is the "Gear Review" episode with Co-Host and Gear Guru himself, Jason Svetich. Tune in every Sunday with Co-Host Dr. Greg Davenport for the “Outdoor Adventure & Survival” episode. We appreciate you tuning in and hope that you'll show your love and support for The Sporting Life Podcast by simply making it a point to DOWNLOAD all of your favorite episodes and share them with your family and friends. Also subscribe to the podcast and like or follow us on many favorite podcast platforms like iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Alexa, iHeart Radio and BuzzSprout. You can also follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & YouTube. Hope to see you in the great outdoors and enjoy The Sporting Life!
Oct 25 '18
Rating:   10
I love it

This is the best hunting and fishing Podcast out there!!!

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