EP 5 - Mindfulness in Speech Therapy, Part 3

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May 2, 20179m
EP 5 - Mindfulness in Speech Therapy, Part 3
May 2 '179m
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Are you beginning to feel more comfortable using mindfulness in stuttering therapy or would you like to learn a bit more?  In today's episode, I dive a bit deeper into specific ways you can implement mindfulness into your speech therapy sessions.  In addition, I mention several podcasts that you can use to facilitate the use of these methods.  I've included a free handout with some recommended podcasts to get you started, so don't forget to scroll down to check that out.  I hope that you enjoyed the final episode in the mindfulness in speech therapy series.  I'd love to hear about how you're using mindfulness in your speech therapy sessions!


For the links and resources (and freebie!) mentioned in today's episode, click here --> http://bit.ly/mindfulnesspart3

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