Episode 049 - Why I Hated Breastfeeding

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Jun 16, 201724m
Episode 049 - Why I Hated Breastfeeding
Jun 16 '1724m
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Before the title causes a knee-jerk reaction from breastfeeding advocates, let me just say that this week's episode is, in no way, intended to discourage mothers who are happily and successfully breastfeeding.

This is just an honest account of my experience with breastfeeding and the life lessons it taught me.

It's blunt, it's straight-forward, and it's sincere, but as the title suggests, breastfeeding did NOT go well for my first child and I, and the pressure I put on myself to make it work was intense.

It was also, as I realized later, unnecessary.

So, just a heads-up! If you're a devout breastfeeding advocate, chances are you might not want to tune in this week, but for those of you who had a hard time, or are currently struggling with breastfeeding, I think you'll find some comfort and a few genuine laughs in this week's episode.

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