Episode 044 - 4 Common Toddler Roadblocks

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May 11, 201721m
Episode 044 - 4 Common Toddler Roadblocks
May 11 '1721m
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The toddler years are an amazing experience for both parents and kids. New skills and personality traits seem to develop almost every day, and it's a really fascinating process to be a part of.

But as they develop, they like to experiment and see where their boundaries are, so there are usually some frustrating moments to go along with the magical ones, and a whole bunch of those boundary-testing moments are likely to happen around bedtime.

Today, I'm discussing the 4 most common challenges parents are likely to face when it comes to toddlers and sleep, and I've got some great tips on how to deal with them calmly, effectively, and with as little protesting as possible.

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