Simi’s loser and winner of the day

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Apr 30, 20193m
Simi’s loser and winner of the day
Apr 30 '193m
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  • Lose
    • Thomas Porter Wells of Pittsburgh
      • Thomas flushed his grandparents’ ashes down the toilet to get revenge on his mom for kicking him out of her home, according to police.


  • McKeesport police say Porter’s cruel revenge was sparked by mom Denise Porter kicking him out of the house last September because of his drinking and marijuana use, according to the report.


  • She reportedly learned through a relative in February that her son had flushed the ashes of both her mother and father before he left.


  • The ashes had been kept lovingly in a box set up with a memorial in her room, according to the criminal complaint.


  • Wells initially denied it when his mom called — but later doubled down, sending her a text message saying he would also flush her ashes down a toilet after she died, the Tribune-Review reported.


  • Wells was arraigned Monday on two counts of abuse of a corpse and one count of criminal mischief, according to the Tribune-Review.


  • Winner
    • 7 year old Joseph Jared Lucas from the UK
      • Joseph can draw accurate world map in minutes
      • He’s learnt capital, borders, seas and currencies of individual nations
      • Joseph has Autism and has been cartography-mad since 2017
      • Hi mom Suzanne Garner said that 'he knows more than me', and revealed that he shockingly hasn't even been taught geography


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