Mar 18, 20191h 35m
Tragedy Reminds Us
Mar 181h 35m
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Sabine Durden, a legal immigrant from Germany whose son Dominic was struck and killed on July 12, 2012, by an unlicensed pickup-driving illegal immigrant with a history of drunk driving who made a wrong turn and struck Dominic's motorcycle and Laura Wilkerson, mother of 18-year-old Joshua Wilkerson who was brutally beaten, strangled and tortured to death by a young illegal immigrant on November 16, 2010, and also joining, is Mary Ann Mendoza who’s son Brandon Mendoza, was a Mesa police officer, was killed on May 12, 2014, in a head-on collision with a man who authorities say was intoxicated and an immigrant in the country illegally. Both Brandon Mendoza and the other diver were killed in the crash.; all three of these women were with President Trump when he signed the veto to push back against Congress’ to make sure this doesn’t happen to any other illegal alien. Tragedy reminds us, border security is a national emergency.

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