Apr 25, 20181h 17m
Jay Williams: Life is Not an Accident
Apr 25 '181h 17m
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When I was injured as a pro athlete I felt I had really lost myself. I felt like my identity was stripped away from me. I began comparing myself to my past -- to what I could have been. I doubted my entire future. Chances are you’ve been through something similar. Maybe it was the loss of a job. Maybe you lost someone you depended on emotionally. I eventually came to a realization. I could continue down this self destructive path, feeling like a helpless victim in a cruel world, or I could take my destiny into my own hands. In the end, I decided to have faith that maybe this happened for a greater cause. I felt like maybe I was meant for something else. Something more important. On this episode of The School of Greatness, I had the chance to sit down with someone who knows a lot about having to reinvent themselves: Jay Williams.

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