Coffee Conversations: Top 7 Takeaways from 2017

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Dec 13, 20171h 2m
Coffee Conversations: Top 7 Takeaways from 2017
Dec 13 '171h 2m
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Back by popular demand, Cesar and I sat down again this week to record a third round of what we are calling "Coffee Conversations." This was a fun one because 2017 has been an incredible year for our business, the School of Greatness brand, the podcast, and much more. I thought it would be cool to go over the top takeaways and lessons I learned this year from all the experiences I've had. I also love hearing Cesar's take on what we've done and where we are headed. A few of the things we talk about might surprise you, but most of what I learned this year is confirming things that have proved true year after year in my career as an entrepreneur. The more I think about what makes businesses continue to grow and be successful, the more I realize that when I focus, commit, and execute on what I've committed to, the results come. Even when craziness is happening all around, even when things are uncertain, even when I'm pushing myself out of my comfort zone, if I am clear on what I'm creating and commit to the process, good things still happen. I hope these takeaways serve you in some way in your own goals, business, or challenges you are taking on in 2018. I can't wait to see what we create next as you'll hear us discuss in Episode 575 with Coffee Conversations. In this episode you will learn: The biggest wins I achieved this year in my business (0:45) The Top 7 Takeaways from 2017 for me: Think bigger and take risks (5:18) Build an all-star team (12:51) Strategize, organize, systematize (18:53) Innovate with new products and approaches (23:10) Invest in your business and bet on you (29:35) Health (37:50) Do things that matter and bring you joy (41:20) Plus much more... "You have a gift inside of you, something unique to offer to the world. No one else will be you."

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