Nicholas Bayerle: Get Your Billion Dollar Body

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May 27, 201743m
Nicholas Bayerle: Get Your Billion Dollar Body
May 27 '1743m
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  • 60 pounds overweight at age 17
  • No girlfriend
  • 1.8 GPA
  • Boxer showed him his plan for a weigh-in and it was tied to performance.
  • 15 certifications he doesn’t even renew anymore
  • Trains male entrepreneurs now
    • The learning in the certifications is what you need, not the paper
    • Create experiences
    • Took him a long time to make the transition
  • He dropped 53 pounds in 6 months
    • Did it wrong
    • No podcasts
    • No coach
    • Starved himself
    • Tore up his old fat pictures
    • Sharing his story is what helped him with his breakthrough
  • Always an entrepreneur
    • Started a lawn care business at age 12
    • Became insecure and stopped working
    • Age 20 he got married and never had a W-2 job
    • He got into network marketing
    • He narrowed his focus to what he wanted to do and what he was good at (that left two things.!)
  • He sticks with his strengths
    • Made big bucks in network marketing and his downline got stolen from him
    • Lost $48k in business volume overnight so he looked for something he could control.
  • You have the skills to grow
  • You need to know how to sell. That is key!
  • Started with his website
    • It was simple
    • He built a badass website and got 6,000 visitors per month but got no opt-ins
  • So they went to landing pages and he spoke at small groups that lead to bigger groups
    • Just sold one-on-one coaching for $1,900
    • It was a lot of work
    • He over-delivered
    • People only value you at half what you charge
    • 1,000 coaching clients with no refunds
  • Be the only and the best
    • Sell the result
    • People don’t want the process
    • It’s all perceived value
    • People want context
  • Also group coaching
    • 90 day, 6-month, 1 year
    • One hour video call every two weeks
    • Custom coaching.
      • “It’s our fault if you don’t have success and don’t start.”
      • “Imagine the worst day of your life every day for 6 months. If you’re good with that, let’s start.”
    • July 15-16 event Fortune Builders $35k and $50k.
    • Few get through their calls.
    • Onboarding: review the whole program.
    • Took 500 people to figure that out.
    • “Do the boring stuff first.”
    • Schedule the calls.
    • Thrive Mastermind - got 15 coaching clients.

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