John Jonas Outsourced Himself 10 Years Ago

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Aug 21, 201744m
John Jonas Outsourced Himself 10 Years Ago
Aug 21 '1744m
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  • Wife was put on bedrest with their third pregnancy
  • He was running an affiliate business and needed to streamline his work
  • He turned over 100% of his work to two of his staff in The Philippines who had already been with him for 18 months
  • They were already somewhat trained and he spent a little time with them
  • He worked about an hour a week for the next three weeks
  • He found he replaced wasn't 100% as good as he would've done it but they were talented and he had to set them free and get out of his own way
  • The things John hated doing were getting done
  • John tried hiring Indians and that didn't work out
  • John hired four local people and they stole his ideas
  • He hired contractors on ODesk / UpWork to do 50 articles but then he had to check the articles to see if they were plagiarized and then share them everywhere
  • Got a tip to an agency in The Philippines and hired his first two staff
    • He prefers this to having an agency with a pool of workers that get assigned jobs
  • He golfed for two months after the baby was born and he realized he needed to work so he wanted to see how he could improve his business model
  • He guided the process and had them execute
  • Jing helped him create training videos and screensharing tutorials
  • To this day he'll use tools like Jing and SnagIt 30 times per day to share ideas
  • Now he doesn't touch anything: programming, content, Facebook Ads, Google Ads
  • But sometimes 
  • John hated Facebook (6 years ago) but one of his people encouraged him to get on there and execute her plan to leverage Facebook and it has worked well
  • They get a lot of workers from India that try to apply to his Filipino job board and one of his staff came up with an idea to filter them out
  • Whereas we think we can't trust them, they don't trust us to not berate and fire them for a simple error
  • If you have zero patience this won't work for you
  • He now has over 300,000 resumes
  • His services keeps workers from scamming clients
  • 100% of his work today—2.5 to 3 hours per day—is centered around giving feedback to his team
  • He now has 21 people
  • It took a while to transition from using his virtual staff to grow his affiliate business to making them his business
  • "I don't know what works today...because we do everything."
    • Post in forums
    • Facebook Ads
    • Share on Facebook and Instagram
    • Retargeting
    • He stopped doing email
  • Go try to hire someone now
    • Agents of Value
    • 123 Employee
    • Online Jobs
    • See if they change your life

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