Do Knuckle Dragging Sales Right With John Crowley

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Apr 25, 201952m
Do Knuckle Dragging Sales Right With John Crowley
Apr 2552m
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Some of the topics covered on this episode of The Sales Podcast:

  • Getting back to simpler times
  • A de-evolution revolution
    • Running is simple
    • Running a marathon is not
  • How do you segment your list?
  • Once you get the prospect on the phone what happens?
  • It's brutal in Corporate America
    • The politics
    • The rejection 
  • Mindset dictates and drives success
  • Tactics don't matter without mindset
  • He's a recovering "bad-attitude-aholic"
  • Don't compare how bad your life is with your other down-on-their-luck buddy
  • Keep the Negative Nancy's out of your life
  • Find a mentor/career-sponsor

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