The Sacramento Bee Flash Briefing

The Sacramento Bee Flash Briefing

Published by: McClatchy Audio Lab
1 Episode | First Released: Jun 6 '19
Catch up on the local news you need to know with this flash briefing from The Sacramento Bee. Our three-minute summary brings you the top stories that will keep you connected to California’s capital region -- news, politics, sports, entertainment and more.
Oct 4 '19
Rating:   8
Good overall, except for that one reporter...

I appreciate the brief each morning, over breakfast, as I'm getting ready for the day. Overall, each episode and reporter are great. Though, like others have said, I do cringe when Joseph Delaney reports.

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Sep 10 '19
Rating:   4
Straight to the point, but irritating reader.

Love the short and straight forward information but it’s so difficult, irritating and increasingly more annoying every time I hear the way Joseph Delaney broadcast it.

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Jun 1 '19
Rating:   10


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Mar 25 '19
Rating:   2
Impressively annoying voice for news.

It’s like Barney the dinosaur doing an old time news real.

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Jan 5 '19
Rating:   6
Love the updates, need a new voice tho

Stop letting Joseph Delaney give the update. His voice is hard to listen to. Sounds like he take a hit of something before giving the update. Over pronounces everything and sounds very fake. Otherwise I like the updates.

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