Going Deeper With Chad And JT

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Feb 26, 20191h 0m
Going Deeper With Chad And JT
Feb 261h 0m
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The Ross Bolen Podcast returns for its 151st episode. Hosted by Ross Bolen and produced by Micah Wiener, featuring special guests Chad Kroeger and JT Parr. (0:00) Intro (9:27) Going Deep With Chad And JT (28:35) How To Dominate Vacation (38:44) Animal Of The Week: Harpy Eagle (47:10) American Electric Truck Startup Gets $700 Million From Amazon (57:24) Announcements 888-WRBOLEN Twitter: @WRBolen, @MicahWiener, @RossBolenPod Instagram: @WRBolen, @MicahWiener, @TheRossBolenPodcast Snapchat: @WRBolen, @MicahTX

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