Feb 2, 20181h 11m
Episode Twelve
Feb 2 '181h 11m
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The Ross Bolen Podcast returns for its twelfth episode. Hosted by Ross Bolen, produced by Micah Wiener. Intro (1:01) People Who Don't Like Dogs (10:26) Top 10 Nintendo 64 Games (26:00) Stuff To Wikipedia When You're High (34:25) Anxiety Anecdotes (40:35) Evaluating Adam Sandler's Career (56:56) Micah's Nick Foles Story (1:05:13) Conclusion 888-WRBOLEN Twitter: @WRBolen, @ProducerMicah, @RossBolenPod Instagram: @WRBolen, @MicahWiener, @TheRossBolenPodcast Snapchat: @WRBolen, @MicahTX

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