Episode Thirty-Seven

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May 4, 201846m
Episode Thirty-Seven
May 4 '1846m
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The Ross Bolen Podcast returns for its thirty-sixth episode. Hosted by Ross Bolen, produced by Micah Wiener. Intro (6:35) It's Check Cutting Time (11:24) If You Could Smoke Weed With Anyone, Who Would It Be? (22:04) Houston Rap Song Of The Week (25:07) High School Mystery Pooper Turns Out To Be Superintendent (33:12) Badass Pirates You Haven't Heard Of: Cheng I Sao (39:53) Announcements 888-WRBOLEN Twitter: @WRBolen, @ProducerMicah, @RossBolenPod Instagram: @WRBolen, @MicahWiener, @TheRossBolenPodcast Twitch: Twitch.com/BossRolen13

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