Episode Sixty-Nine (Nice)

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Aug 7, 20181h 22m
Episode Sixty-Nine (Nice)
Aug 7 '181h 22m
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The Ross Bolen Podcast returns for its sixty-ninth episode (nice). Hosted by Ross Bolen and produced by Micah Wiener. Intro (8:53) Stuff To Wikipedia When You're High: Dyatlov Pass Incident (22:28) Famous People You Would Freaky Friday (38:10) Do You Tip On Takeout? (46:39) Drip Drip (50:51) Suicide Soda (59:12) Dropping The JUUL (1:02:46) Trash Or Not Trash (1:06:54) The Micah Minute (1:19:34) Announcements 888-WRBOLEN Twitter: @WRBolen, @MicahWiener, @RossBolenPod Instagram: @WRBolen, @MicahWiener, @TheRossBolenPodcast Snapchat: @WRBolen, @MicahTX Twitch: Twitch.com/BossRolen13

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