The Loss of the Stable State

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Nov 15, 197043m
The Loss of the Stable State
Nov 15 '7043m
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This year's Reith lecturer is the influential thinker Donald Schon. Previously a Professor of philosophy at the University of California, he was the director of the Institute for Applied Technology in the National Bureau of Standards, Department of Commerce. He is currently the co-founder and director of the Organization for Social and Technological Innovation (OSTI), a non-profit social research and development firm in Boston. He delivers his Reith lecture on industrial technology and social change from his series entitled 'Change and the Industrial Society'. In this lecture entitled 'The Loss of the Stable State', Donald Schon describes how society needs a belief in a calm and constant identity and structure. Exploring times when this stability has been lost, he analyses the human need for the belief of a better time.

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