Love and Sex and… The Office

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Nov 1, 20181h 3m | se1 : e2
Love and Sex and… The Office
Nov 1 '181h 3m | se1e2
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Have you ever fallen in love with a co-worker? Or had an office affair? Or even just made a post-Christmas party mistake? You probably know how quickly things can get messy. Hilary and Sandra talk to HR specialist Karen Brownrigg.  She’s the Founder and CEO of IHR Advisory Services Ottawa, and she’s seen it all, including the fallout from workplace affairs amid the #MeToo movement. But wait! It’s not always a mistake. Next, we meet a married couple who also happen to work together. They talk about their workplace dynamic and how they separate the personal from the business. Don’t they make each other crazy every single day? And do their coworkers like this unique situation?

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