A follow-up on past stories

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Oct 26, 201839m
A follow-up on past stories
Oct 26 '1839m
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We share updates on a few past stories we’ve covered. First, we hear an excerpt from our interview with Hillary Scanlon, a Global Studies student at Wilfrid Laurier University. She discusses a protype she created to make waste, recycling and compost units accessible to people who are blind and partially sighted. Second, we listen to an interview with Cym Gomery and David Kersey who represent Fair Vote Canada, an organization dedicated to bringing in a voting system of proportional representation to all levels of government in Canada. They explore how PR can be used to better represent Canada's diverse population and how it can lead to better public policy. And third, we reflect on an interview with Mike Svac for head coach Team USA’s blind hockey team. This is the October 26, 2018 episode.

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