Why Rent2Rent Could be The Strategy For You

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Nov 13, 201821m
Why Rent2Rent Could be The Strategy For You
Nov 13 '1821m
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Welcome back to The Progressive Property Podcast. Peter continues the property strategy mini-series and today discusses Rent2Rent. If you’re looking to invest in property with little or none of your own money, generate an instant monthly cashflow and benefit from property capital growth, Rent2Rent is the strategy for you.

In its basic form, you're essentially renting a property and then sub-letting it on to someone else for a monthly cashflow. Tune in today to hear the pros and cons of Rent2Rent property investing.


  • Stereotypically you might be renting it from a tired landlord and then sub-letting it on to a tenant that wants to live in the property. You'll guarantee the monthly rent to the owner. For some of us, the term sub-letting is a bad word, but Rent2Rent is perfectly above board if you do it right.
  • Rent2Rent is about negotiating a long-term tenancy from a current landlord that's mutually beneficial. The good thing is you can negotiate a lower rent as you'll be taking it on a long-term and sub-letting it for a higher monthly income. You're taking aware of the risk of them have a void and the property is empty. This means the landlord will have no issues with the property and see an income coming in every month.
  • Be careful how you structure you agree with the owner of the property. You need to make sure your agreement is not in any violation of the landlord's mortgage. Make sure you do your due-diligence here so that there are no issues with you using the Rent2Rent property as part of your portfolio.
  • Once you have an agreement in place you can also agree an option deal to purchase the property for an agreed price today for a future purchase. Rent2Rent can be a great strategy that adds to the overall pot of what you're doing. You can use this strategy in conjunction with other strategies to help give you a monthly cashflow and build towards the property goals you want to achieve.
  • The big benefit of Rent2Rent is that you can start with very little capital. You don't actually have to buy the property. However, as you won't own the property you won't benefit from any capital growth. This isn't an investment as much as it is a property activity.


"If I was doing a Rent2Rent I would always agree on an option deal with the landlord. This way you will earn the cashflow to purchase the property in 2,3,4 years time and you will benefit from the capital growth of the property"

“You can take all of the costs and hassle away from the landlords. This is why Rent2Rent is very attractive to a lot of property owners.“

“Rent2Rent has progressed over the years and it is now used as a strategy for larger properties, in particular, HMO's. Although you won't be seeing your asset grow, you will be seeing a monthly cash flow. You could then use this cashflow as a deposit for future property investment strategies such as flips or your own HMO projects.”


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Peter Jones is a Chartered Surveyor, an author and a serial buy-to-let property investor. He has been involved in property for over 35 years and now owns 78 letting units. He is still actively involved in buying and renovating property, and regularly flips properties for profit. Peter has written a number of successful property books. The first, An Insider’s Guide to Successful Property Investing, was first published in 2000 and was

one, if not the very first, book of its kind which was written for what we’d now call buy-to-let investors. On the back of its success, he was invited to be a guest writer for Property Secrets and wrote Spanish Property Secrets, French Property Secrets, and Portugal Property Secrets. He has since written a number of other successful titles dealing with UK investing including 63 Common Defects in Investment Property and How to Spot Them, the highly acclaimed The Successful Property Investors Strategy Workshop and The Property Renovator’s Workshop ,in which Peter describes step-by-step how he built his own property portfolio, starting with virtually none of his own money.



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