Interview with Property investor, traveler and co-host of The Property Nomads Podcast, Rob Smallbone

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Jan 8, 201955m
Interview with Property investor, traveler and co-host of The Property Nomads Podcast, Rob Smallbone
Jan 8 '1955m
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In this latest episode, Peter interviews Property investor, traveller and co-host of The Property Nomads Podcast Rob Smallbone. Rob took the decision to make his yearly goals public, filing monthly accountability facebook videos. Stay listening to hear how making them public has helped Rob achieve his goals and all about his journey which has seen him relocate from Reading to Hull for his property business.

Key Takeaways

Why Did You Publically Make Updates On Your Facebook Page? I’d always set my yearly goals on my birthday in July. Making them public has really helped my accountability. People were asking for updates on my goals so there was a demand from others. Goal setting is really important in succeeding. You achieve things with goals because if you don’t have any then you won’t achieve anything.

How Do You Set Your Goals? Every mid-July, I will take a day out and put my phone on airplane mode. I go somewhere and do a personal reflection on the last twelve months, what has gone well, and what hasn’t. I have to be really honest with myself to set the best goals. Letting yourself off on small elements can snowball out of control. I’ve always had goals, but each year I try something new for the discipline.

Why do you set goals? The want and the desire to be better. I know that if I can discipline myself in my life it will help build my business. I know that I can be better. Ultimately I want to visit every country in the world before I’m fifty. Trying to use property to help facilitate and achieve that.

What areas in your life do you set goals? I set goals in seven key areas: business and work, personal wealth, energy, mental, physical, spiritual, social and spiritual. Some current goals that I have are below:

  1. No coffee, alcohol chocolate for a year. The aim is for the discipline. I was wasting too much time with lost days to hangovers, and those energy lulls caused by coffee.
  2. To be personally debt free as of 13th July 2020. I’ve strategically planned out how I’m paying off the debt incrementally.
  3. To publish my first book by the 13th July 2020. Over time i’ve built up a series of blog posts, and now I want to repackage and repurpose them. It’s on the theme of how to buy your first buy-to-let property?
  4. To successfully establish the Property Nomads podcast. This has been achieved. The Nomad name sat well with me. It’s a blend of property and business content. The latest episode is around the fourteen people you need to have in your power team. We are looking to do a mini-series on individual historically important properties.
  5. To have 25 positively cashflow properties by 13th July 2020. We are about halfway there at the moment. We still have plenty of time to make the full amount.
  6. To finally get rid of moobs, so I can look in the mirror and be happy in my own body. I’ve become more disciplined in my routine and surrounding myself with the right people to learn from.

Why did you choose to buy properties in Hull? At the time of going up there, it was about to become the city of culture. Seeing it work really well in Liverpool was a good draw for me. The main reason was renewable energy, however, as there is a lot of investment in the area, with regards to that sector. Siemens has invested heavily there as well, and there is a sense that the city is going in the right direction. Having moved there from Reading, it’s easier to react to things, like viewing properties first. It gives you a competitive advantage

How did you get to know the area? I got stuck in at every level possible. I had time on my side. I’m on the committee for Humber housing association, which is something that I sought out. Simple things, like driving round Hull during the day and at night and talking to lettings agents. They know where the high demand is in the city.

There are any number of reasons why you don’t reach a goal. It might be that your goal wasn’t quite framed properly. If you don’t achieve the goal in the set time frame, just learn from it and then extend the date to the goal to achieve it.

What difference has it made making your goals public? Public accountability has been really useful. There are lots of people who can understand body language, so they could know I’m lying. You will shoot yourself in the foot if you lie about achieving your goals.

Best Moments

‘Entrepreneurs know we always want to do more.’

‘If you are not honest with yourself than you are only cheating yourself.’

‘It’s all about your mindset’

‘If you want to do property then you have to be in the mindset to do so.’

‘Don’t hide behind that mindset that you can’t learn a certain skill.’

‘Write blog posts, and then you will have some content for a book.’

‘You don’t have to relocate to invest in a gold mine area.’

‘Don’t overthink it, just do it.’

‘It’s easy to get stuck in analysis, paralysis.’

‘Make yourself accountable.’

‘Letting agents can be key for getting to know the area.’

‘You cannot be a property investor if you only look on Rightmove.’

‘We all have the 24 hours in the day so it’s what you do with them that matters.’

‘There is no shame in resetting goals.’

‘Knowing how you learn to represent your goals in the right way.’


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one, if not the very first, book of its kind which was written for what we’d now call buy-to-let investors. On the back of its success, he was invited to be a guest writer for Property Secrets and wrote Spanish Property Secrets, French Property Secrets, and Portugal Property Secrets. He has since written a number of other successful titles dealing with UK investing including 63 Common Defects in Investment Property and How to Spot Them, the highly acclaimed The Successful Property Investors Strategy Workshop and The Property Renovator’s Workshop ,in which Peter describes step-by-step how he built his own property portfolio, starting with virtually none of his own money.

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Rob Smallbone, Property Investor, traveler and co-host of The Property Nomads Podcast. The vision of the Property Nomads is to 'bring the world to you' and our mission is to 'guide your success'. Rob just wants to make a huge difference to people around the world. He’s here to guide your success in property, business and life and to inspire you to achieve your goals, dreams and visions.

He’s travelled, explored, and invested. And they’re not planning on stopping these activities anytime soon.

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