Alfie Best: Interview With £350m Property Empire Owner!

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Apr 1, 201957m
Alfie Best: Interview With £350m Property Empire Owner!
Apr 1 '1957m
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Learn how to grow your property business quickly and understand the benefits of getting an education in today’s episode of The Progressive Property Podcast. 

Today, Kevin interviews entrepreneur and property investor with over £250million pounds worth of property assets, Alfie Best.  


  • Property is a people business. One of the best gifts that you can be given is learning how to speak to everybody because you never know who's coming out from behind that door. It could be somebody 90, it could be somebody 15. They're from many different worlds. Learning how to speak to people on the spot is a massive education because it gives you the confidence to know how to speak to people. 
  • How to grow your business quickly. Everybody has problems but your problems should not be an issue, your problems should be a learning experience and every issue that you come across makes you stronger for the next round. It's about going out for the fight, being fit for the fight, being fit for the purpose of the fight, and learning by your mistakes. 
  • Education. Another thing you should do to grow your business rapidly is about knowing your business whether it is vehicles selling, whether it is property or whatever. Through education and learning how you should operate your business to reach optimum production of your company or business, you will always succeed in your businesses. 
  • Self-belief that failure is not an option. This is something that should always be in you whether you are successful or not or whether you are rich or poor. Having this kind of spirit in you always keeps you going whenever the times get hard and be sure with this, you will always emerge at the top. We can all fail if we believe it's a failure, or we can all win if we believe our failures are just lessons that we're learning from. We don't make mistakes unless we harp on them, what we do is we learn from them to not make that decision in that way again.  
  • Be prepared to listen. There’s a reason we were given one mouth and two ears by God, this is so that you can listen more and do less talking. The more you listen the more you learn. This helps a lot because you get to learn more skills that you didn’t know from people by listening to them. 
  • Ask if you are not sure of anything. Be prepared to take advice from people who have already achieved great success. Swallow your pride and ask, do not assume that you know everything which may cost you big in the future. If you want advice, don't ask the funeral or the undertaker how to arrange your wedding and don't go to the wedding exhibition expecting them to arrange a funeral, go to the right person to ask the right question, ask people that are within the industry. 
  • When you're in a job that you love, do more than you're paid to do because you will be recognized for it and you will climb the ladder faster than anybody else in that company. Because people can see that you're somebody that is conscientious about what you're doing. 
  • For you to achieve success in your personal and business life, you need to look at the company that you surround yourself with because if you surround yourself with people talking about football, you’ll talk about football, if you surround yourself with people talking about boxing, you’ll talk about boxing, if you surround yourself with people talking about business, you’ll talk about business, this is because we are all creatures of habit. Try to surround yourself with people that have the right habits.  


  • “One of the best gifts that you can be given is learning how to speak to everybody.” 
  • “Always learn through your mistakes.” 
  • “Everybody makes mistakes, the two things you need to do is admit them and learn from them. People that can't admit them and people that can't learn from them will stay stagnant.” 
  • “We can all fail if we believe it's a failure, or we can all win if we believe our failures are just lessons that we're learning from.” 
  • “You fail when you quit.” 
  • “We don’t live long enough to make all of the mistakes ourselves, learn from others and life will be a lot shorter and a lot more enjoyable where your work is concerned.” 
  • “A man with a plan will be a genius without a plan.” 
  • “We are never ever too old to learn.” 
  • “The only person that put somebody down is themselves.” 
  • “Success is made up of good habits.” 
  • “Believe in yourself and always listen to everybody but the advice you choose to take must be your decision.” 



Alfie Best. He was working from the age of eight and with time, his entrepreneurial mind kicked in at an age of around 12 and 14. He got a 250 million pound plus empire in different types of property, mainly around stuff like Park homes, commercial buildings, and other assets across land developments, different stuff.  



Kevin McDonnell  is a Speaker, Author, Mentor & Professional Property Investor. He is an expert when it comes to creative property investment strategies. His book No Money Down: Property Invest talks about how to control and cash flow other people’s property to create financial freedom. 



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